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Himalayan Outdoor Development

An initiative for the development of climbing and mountaineering in the Indian Himalayas.

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Pitidharr Ice Climbing Festival
st-5th Feb, 2023


Step Into The Outdoors

At HOD, we take you into the Indian Himalayas in a competent, safe and environmentally responsible manner while also supporting local initiatives to develop the area sustainably. You’ll learn the skills that will let you plan and execute your own adventures in the mountains and create memories to last a lifetime.





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Peak Experiences

Got a chance to experience Ice Climbing with the team of HOD and Pitidharr and I am amazed by the progress I could make in just 7 days, the team's teaching style and the overall experience with everyone. I 100% recommended HOD and it's workshops to anybody looking to try or get better at climbing outdoors, not only there is so much to learn and practice in their company but you also get to meet a bunch of fantastic people!


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Himalayan News

Visit our blog to know about our latest adventures in the Himalayas. Also check out the special posts from the HOD team about preparing for the mountains, handling gear, local culture and more.

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